3D Laser Scanning

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Since 1988, J-Tech Laser Scan has provided as-built data collection and custom process design services in the successful completion of over one thousand Plan and Process Layout projects. J-Tech's qualified workforce is fluent in 3D modeling, field engineering and construction practices, earning a solid reputation for excellence in the industrial manufacturing community.

A progressive thinking company, J-Tech is always looking for solutions to better service their customers. In 2001, J-Tech purchased its first laser scanner, making J-Tech the premier laser scanning service provider in Ontario, Canada.

J-Tech Laser Scan provides the service of 3D spatial data collection for pre-engineering or concurrent engineering, using a 3D laser scanner. Owners, operators, engineering constructors of structural assets and plant and process facilities benefit from accurate knowledge of as-built geometry. Deploying 3D laser scanning at the inception of an engineering retrofit project will add value and offer a distinct competitive advantage.


J-Tech Laser Scan Projects

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