1. IMP file

The *.imp file is necessary to for use with the Cloudworx plug-in for AutoCad or Microstation. These plug-ins are used for best-fit modeling of equipment, piping, flanges etc.  J-Tech can provide basic Cloudworx training.

2. 3-D Model

Another option for delivery is to have J-Tech create a 3-D model from the point cloud. This model would be in an AutoCad file in a discrete coordinate system for import into your modelling software. 

3. PTS file

A *.pts file is a neutral file format which can be imported and indexed by AutoCad, Navisworks or Revit.  The pts file can then be used for modelling, clash detection and model design model verification.

4. Topography

Detailed topographical information is often a beneficial deliverable.  This can include a DTM as a TIN mesh or elevation contours

5. Jetstream

Jetstream is an interactive 360 deg. bubble viewer that allows the use of HDR imagery and gives users the ability to 'fly-thru' the point cloud.  The Jetstream viewer is a free program.

6. LFD format

The *.LFD file contains the laser scan information (including imagery) and can be utilized with the Aveva LFM suite of point cloud software.

7. Recap

The *.RCP file can be used with Recap in AutoCAD, Navisworks, and Revit.  It contains point cloud information as well as Realview bubble views.


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